Health & Wellness

Through prevention and empowerment efforts we imagine a future where all our youth and adults are free from substance abuse.


MCYC supports dynamic youth led programing called Above the Influence- or ATI. This group runs as a school club, and focus’s on youth substance abuse prevention, and health and wellness in a peer to peer based format. Find out more by reaching out to [email protected]


Parents want the best for their children, but when it comes to substance misuse, knowing the best way to address potential issues can be especially hard. We have your back! Follow us on social media for regular parenting support, and check out ParentUP VT, where you’ll find resources, conversation starters, and videos designed to help parents across Vermont.

Business Owners.

We have resources to support business owners! Sign up for 3-4-50 for worksite wellness ideas and help making a plan to support your staff to fight the 3 behaviors that contribute to the 4 diseases that kill 50% of Vermonters every year. Support staff who are trying to quit smoking by directing them to 802Quits, or reach out to us for help getting free smoke-free signs for your business.