VKAT – Vermont Kids Against Tobacco

Vermont Kids Against Tobacco (VKAT) is a student organization for Milton Middle School students! Our goal is to help our friends and families learn more about making healthy choices, like not smoking. Through regular meetings and activities, we get the word out! Our two main goals are to reduce youth smoking rates and to create and support youth leaders.

VKAT students attended the Above the Influence Middle School Retreat in January, 2014. They created videos with the other middle schoolers from across Vermont explaining why they live “above the influence “of drugs. Click on the following links to see their responses:

Above the Influence in Chittenden County: 1

Above the Influence in Chittenden County: 2

Above the Influence in Chittenden County: 3

VKAT meets during the school year – ALL ARE WELCOME!

For more information call the MCYC office at 802.893.1009.

For more information, visit VKAT’s website here.